Ap Cydyll’s melopoeic manifesto

I send you some letters to the imaginary…
Presenting the indelible image of ap Cydyll –a sometimes Welsh bard from the 14th century posturing between Welsh and English languages, finding hybridity when stalking a poem (which is often dear readers, often).
Ap Cydyll’s ambitions – we can talk in the present since ap Cydyll’s desire does not die, it never dies– are to challenge our established orthodoxies, how we think of nation and place, how we consider poetic space and the transgression of that space. Above all ap Cydyll questions pedantic posturing, tracking those who would see the same arguments rehearsed for their own gain and status.
Ap Cydyll is the daughter (and son) of Cynddeiriog, Dyfal and lives near Llosgfynydd- the androgyny of our bard connects the twenties to the sixties and the seventies. Periods ap Cydyll considers to offer more than fashion bell bottoms for poetry
This is a textual revolution and ap Cydyll, though not viral as yet – will question, probe and seek rethinking on her own terms.

Further installments of ap Cydyll’s manifesto (the nature of wisdom in sight of ratings, the function of the critic who has sated his thirst with angostura bitters, and flaggelated his own poor poems of the mind) may appear.
Ap Cydyll will fly into the mouths of all those caring for the poem. Ap Cydyll will bind with mortar those who merely profess their own progression.

Ladies and gentlemen I present you Ap Cydyll – the joker poet in our pack.

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