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Nerys Williams




9781781726969 •  Poetry • Paperback • £9.99

“Republic is the explosive new poetry collection from Nerys Williams. In it she opens a window on life in rural west Wales during the 1980s and 90s when arts and culture boomed. English and Welsh-language post-punk bands, politics, feminism and family life are thrown together on the page as she questions what constitutes a republic?”


Praise for Republic

“Nerys Williams has written a ‘gold rush’ of a book, at times explosive and at other times meditative and soulful. Her vignettes, richly poetic, zing and thrill, delight and haunt. You will want to slow down your reading in order to catch every last word, rhythm and breath. Her magnificent lyrical inventions, veering from the zany to the profound should make this a modern-day classic.” – Menna Elfyn

“Nerys Williams’s Republic is a tour de force, a masterful account of the intellectual, political and personal development of a young woman from Welsh-speaking rural Wales out in the world. Pitched against nostalgia, Nerys Williams’s prose poems are tough-minded, shrewd and hugely evocative of the times she chronicles. She deploys details so vividly and with such a light a touch that she’s created a new music all of her own.” – Gwyneth Lewis

“Thoroughly satisfying. A west Wales Baudelaire in Dr. Martens recording her oral history in a run of one-page prose pieces. Nerys Williams rolls the 60s into the 80s in a non-stop innovative rush. The music and the culture of the times are totally present. They riddle this wonderful work like a string of lights.” – Peter Finch

“A guide-book to flicking the switch on. This is a rampage of words, phrases, and thoughts which well and truly inspires.” – Rhys Mwyn

“Reading Republic, each 20-sentence chapter is a gem. Nerys speaks to a generation growing up in Wales at a crucial age. She transports you to the sounds of her life in such a way, you feel you are living them with her.” – Pat Datblygu