DWR: Capel Celyn Telyneg




Capel Celyn Telyneg

for Emyr Llewelyn


Excavation in sight one summer

Children of wool and ribbons,

chanting through schoolyards and fields.


Ringing bells, legs in motion

against the colour green.


Is this owned? Dazed people ask

As the machine demands more.


No one except a night of snow

and a transformer blown.


There was nothing left for a levied village

as its people looked on.


Yet still the document, a cupboard

is moved out of a home.


Is language here? In the water?

Under the bridge?


Does it seep through space?

And the people looked on.


Coming too late.

You came too late.


There is a blackened visor

that screens thought.


The moment of that summer

the slow drip-drop


As force denied

the equilibrium of evocation.


Being late.

Category: Poetry