Forward Single Poem 2023 (Highly Commended)


“Lyrical Invention” (prompted by Welsh language trolling on Twitter) was Highly commended in this year’s Forward Competiton It was originally published by Planet : The Welsh Internationalist and shepherded by the supportive editorship  of Emily Trahair. Dwi’n ddiolchgar ofnadwy i Emily a’i chefnogaeth cynnar. Rhaid cefnogi cylchgronau bach – weithie yr unig le ceir dadynsoddiadau   gwir annibynnol. Emily showed such support when it was needed at the early stages of making a book- Planet needs support as do all our small journals  and magazines. There we find true independent reflection and analytic enquiry. Precious — werth y byd.  Having Planet’s early support really helped me secure the volume REPUBLIC from seren. Diolch. x  … Read More →