Brexit’s Hard Hit Neighbours


Originally published in Welsh in O’r Pedwar Gwynt (Dec 2018)   Arriving at my final destination, I am slightly disoriented. I am travelling from Dublin to a work meeting in Northern Ireland. I have changed my train at Belfast and have caught another train to Coleraine. This is the furthest north I have travelled since living in the Irish Republic. Initially, I am greeted by friendly signs advertising the Bushmills whiskey distillery. There is also a North Coast Guided Tour for Game of Thrones departing from Coleraine’s Railway Place. During this short visit, I am reminded, by the loud conversations of a film unit during my motel breakfast, how important the success… Read More →

Poem: Faiyum Fetishist


Faiyum Fetishist                                       Published in The Stony Thursday Book (2014)* Manchester Museum   I own this space whispers the Faiyum portrait above his exoskeleton.   Although he fails to blink, his hands tap a tune.   So ungenerous, so ungenerous the melody goes.   Tagged in a glass cabinet with other gods: God of Taxonomy, God of Embalming.   My nasal cavity bears little resemblance to this face, a rattle in a husk.   Held together with bandage and plaster harnessed to a figure of humanity.   Encaustic, faced into feeling bright-eyed serious boy.   Let me marry you this instant.