New Anthology of Surrealist Poems


New Anthology of Surrealist Poems Imagined Invited  (Hafan Books, 2020) edited by Peter Greenslade and original artwork by Mark Sanders

Sometime last year  the kind David Greenslade sent our an invitation to some poets

Surreal Poetry Game

“This  Game has rules  (repeat . . . r.u.l.e.s.    draconian/brutal) You are invited to write a poem meditating on the parlour game of Imaginary Dinner Guests (this is the game where we ask, “Who would you invite if you could invite anyone from time and space?”)

 The Rules 

Please compose a poem mentioning:

  • between three to five guests  (no more than five)
  • at least one of the guests must have a connection with Wales
  • at least one other      ‘game’      must be mentioned
  • strictly fewer than 20 lines”

I followed the rules – and got published

Imagined Invited available here

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